When all the girls in kindergarten wanted to be Bella or Cinderella (or any other name rhyming with those two), I wanted to be Pocahontas.

Now that I’m 22, I still want to be Pocahontas. A girl who does what she feels is right, no matter what other people say.

Born and raised in a coastal small town, I’ve always dreamed of living in a big city. And now that I do, I realised I miss big empty spaces, not crowded sidewalks and slow life. Everytime I come back to my hometown, I’m amazed by it’s beauty and peacefulness, and I’m quite sure this is where I want to live when I’m done with university.

I study Economics and Management, and once in a while I need to get away from Warsaw (and books!) not to freak out. I used to be a girl who doesn’t travel alone but after hearing a thousand times from my friends that “we have an upcoming test” or another excuse I decided to give solo travelling a try. Seriously, there’s always gonna be that upcoming test and not enough time to do everything but if there’s an occasion to see the world, count me in!


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